Leader Cabling Systems provides innovative and competitive services to Private Industry and Government sectors.

Leader Cabling Systems is dedicated to providing an extensive range of services that will contribute significantly to the success of each and every client organisation, and / or customer. The successes of our customers translate into success for Leader Cabling Systems.

Primary Goal

The Primary Goal of the policy and associated procedures is it sustain continued commitment to meeting organisation, client and customer requirements.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Demonstrate and achieve commitment to meeting all contracual commitments and obligations;
  • Perform and provide defect free services and work for all clients and customers;
  • Fully understand the requirements of all our clients and customers;
  • Ensure we meet these requirements first time, every time;
  • Conform to these requirements at all times;
  • Pursue best practice Quality Assurance Priniples and meet all statutory requirements;
  • Ensure that the concept of this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of Leader Cabling Systems activities;

The Quality Assurance Management System of Leader Cabling Systems is based on the concepts of the continuous improvement process and conforms totally to the requirements as defined in AS/NZS ISO 9000 series.

This policy and associated procedures will be reviewed in consultation with relevant parties and on the occasion of any changes or amendments to the relevant legislation and/or every twelve (12) calendar months from the date promulgated.