Inadvertant contact of conductive components with live conductors can cause electrical shock and arcing and could result in serious injury or death. Leader Cabling Systems objective is to eliminate the probability of any such occurrence.

Leader Cabling Sysems have a no working live policy. It is a requirement of the employer that all electrical work is carried out using a safe system of work. the safe system of work must include:

  • FOLLOW ISOLATION PROCEDURES - the circuits and apparatus of that part of he installation being worked on must not be energised.
  • ISOLATE WHERE PRACTICAL AND SHIELD EXPOSED CONDUCTORS - measures to eliminate or control the risk of the person carrying out the work inadvertently contacting any part of the installation that remains energised. Any exposed conductor in the work area should be confirmed by the worker as isolated and/or securely shielded from possible contact.
  • TEST EVERY TIME BEFORE YOU TOUCH - checks to ensure that the circuits and apparatus of the part of the installation that is being worked on are not energised before work commences and remain that way until the work is completed.

There are three exceptions:

  • Electrical testing and fault finding as detailed in the safe working procedure for electrical testing
  • Electrical work on an electrical article or installation if it is necessary to do so in the interests of safety and the risk of harm would be greater if the circuits and apparatus were de-energised before work commenced. In these circumstances the electrical worker must ensure that they have the written authorisation of the senior manager and the person in control of the premises and must fulfil the stringent requirements detailed in the safe working procedure for working live.
  • Electrical work carried out under a plan required to be lodged under the Electricity Supply Network and Safety Legislation.

All workers are authorised and expected to stop work and notify their supervisor if a task carries an unacceptable level of risk.


All wokers must adhere to this policy to ensure their safety in the workplace. Any breach in adhering to this policy may result in dismissal.