Contact with electricity can kill, and the risks are often increased in a workplace where employees use a combination of water and portable hand held equipment, during their work.

Electrical hazards in the workplace have been identified and action taken to eliminate them. In accordance with Reg 3.60, residual current devices, (RCD'S), are installed to protect all outlets in the workshop. Should there be the need to use an alternative outlet that is not protected; a portable RCD shall be used between the operator & the fixed outlet.

All employees must also bring to the employer's attention and equipment that they consider may be a risk to people's safety and health. Workplace inspections will also ensure leads & outlets are maintained at all times.

Visually check your equipment daily for fraying leads, which may cause the exposure of live wires. Faulty equipment or blown fuses are also an indication that something is not right.

Ensure equipment is turned off when not in use and put away, and don't leave leads across walkways. Elevate leads where practicable by way of lead stands to prevent trip hazard, exposure to water and damage, if an extention lead has to be on the ground and is subject to vehicular traffic, you must provide mechanical protection for it.

Where work is required to be undertaken on any plant or machinery that is electrically operated, the electrical supply must be isolated in accordance with the tag out & isolation procedure.

Only a licensed electrical worker, employed by an electrical contractor, is permitted to do electrical work in the workplace. All work shall be carried out in accordance with the Office of Energy's Code of Practice - Safe electrical work on low voltage electrical installations.

Leader Cabling Systems will ensure that the use of electrical wiring, portable tools and extension leads will be in accordance with the Regulations. Where a more specific provision is not made in the regulations, conformance will be to the provisions of Australian Standard AS/NZS-3000, Wiring Rules.

All electrical equipment to be brought on site will be listed in a Electrical Equipment Register. The register willbe completed prior to commencement of works and maintained for the duration of the works on site.